SHIVAM MELTECH PRIVATE LIMITED [SMPL] is the flagship company of SHIVAM GROUP OF COMPANIES, established in the month of August, 2004... >> More

Started its journey in the year of 1992 as SHIVAM COKE PRIVATE LIMITED [SCPL], situated   at   the   strategic   location   of Dhanbad, Bihar now in Jharkhand... >> More

To take effective part in the great infrastructure boom, to give our country and its people high class quality steel made from indigenous ingredients... >> More

Our strong management team is constituted of highly skilled and intellectual professionals who are themselves as leaders in the world of Rolling Mill Industry... >> More

In the Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) process hot billets are heated in fully automatic reheating furnace and rolled through a sequence of rolling stands which progressively reduces the billets to the finished size and shape of the TMT Re-inforcement Bar.This TMT process is followed by THERMEX process to give the bar more strength and ductility through three steps... >> More

Sponge Iron is formed through the reduction of Iron Ore into metallic iron through reaction with carbon in the form of coal, dolomite etc. - this is referred as Direct Reduced Iron [DRI]. Sponge Iron is a significant raw material for manufacturing high quality of steel. Approved Sponge Iron (in-house production) & basic grade Pig Iron is melted in Electric Furnace... >> More